Social Media Trend Calendar – 2019

Keeping Up With Social Media Trends

One of the most helpful tactics in building your social media presence is keeping up with trends. When using these trends, only use them if you can authentically relate them to your business. For example, if it’s National Dog Day and you are a law firm, this probably isn’t the best trend for you unless you have an office pup! However, if it is National Dog Day and you sell dog treats or you are a veterinarian, take full advantage of this one!

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4 Ways the Rise of Voice Search Will Reshape SEO

In the movie “Her”, we see a lonely Joaquin Phoenix develop a complex relationship and eventually fall in love with his phones’s Siri-like digital assistant, a form of voice search. Although we cringed at the screen, the movie did end up predicting how much our technology driven society would one day rely on voice search. Clearly, we aren’t on our way to dating our digital assistants, but we are moving from typing our questions to speaking them into our devices.

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